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Editorial Policy
Anything sent to us may be reproduced in this publication for public display on our website or elsewhere either in entirety or in part.

Your comments may be edited for brevity, space, conciseness, spelling, grammar, gratuitous obscenity, legality (e.g., libel, trademark infringement, etc.) or just because we felt like it. But we'll try very hard not to change your intent if we use your words at all.

If you specifically do or do not want to be identified or wish to be identified under a specific name/handle indicate that clearly at the top of your note. Use of any such identification is at our sole discretion, when in doubt we'll use no identifying information.

All material sent to us becomes the property of this publication and can not be returned, destroyed, edited, removed, etc.

By sending your comments to us you warrant that, to the best of your knowledge, and except where otherwise clearly indicated, the words are your own, free of any copyright or other intellectual property infringement, and you have the legal right to allow us to publish them.

The Editorial Staff,